About Debbie

_DEB0217-1Writers are crazy and I’m no exception. I mean, really… where do you think all these stories come from? It only takes something quirky and a “what if” thought comes barreling through my brain. I know, cuz I’ve had this affliction all my life.

I was raised in a very small town in western Pennsylvania with a freedom kids don’t know anymore. In my town, everyone knew everyone AND everything about them. Doors were never locked and the grapevine was better than the town newspaper. Even though I now live in a massive city in Southern California, I’ll always be a small town girl. All my stories reflect that longing to return to a simpler, more personal, way of life.

I’m a big believer in love. Though I’m divorced and raised my two wonderful children on my own, I believe there’s somebody fantastic out there who’s just as crazy as I am. I just haven’t met him yet! I’m the eternal optimist. Hopes and dreams are a part of my stories and my life. That’s not to say we don’t have difficult times, but I believe in rainbows. We should never stop trying and I have faith that happily ever after is there for all of us!

Professionally, I’ve been a bit schizophrenic.   By education, I’m a Speech Pathologist (therapist) and have never once done it. However, I have been a teacher, a buyer for a larger department store chain, a banker, a mortgage broker, an executive assistant to Bishops, resettled refugees from around the world and direct a food pantry. But the one thing that’s been consistent is writing. I love working with people and helping them. I also love the solitude of writing. See? CRAZY!

Home is where my story starts. There is nothing more important than my family and friends. That’s why I write love stories… all kinds of love. I look at my life and appreciate how blessed I’ve been with amazing relationships. That’s another thing you’ll find in my stories – family and friends you can count on when the going gets tough.

After all, LOVE is what makes the world go ‘round.

Happy reading!




  1. Shhhh… I’m a secret daredevil. I’ve driven a Formula 1 car and a motorcycle, piloted a yacht, driven a car in England (that’s really terrifying!) and my next adventure is to fly an airplane!
  2. I love animals… horses, dogs, cats, birds, etc… but I’m terrified of bugs. Well, spiders mostly, but other bugs too.
  3. My Mother was British so I was raised on Winnie the Pooh, Paddington, and Andy Pandy. This has left me with a love of anything BEARS – stuffed or real. Actually, there are times it’s bordered on obsession.
  4. I have a caffeine addiction. Coffee, tea… I don’t care. Just gimme a mug.
  5. Disney! Anything that comes from Walt is great in my opinion but especially Disneyland. Yeah, I’m an annual pass holder.
  6. Travel. I love going places and seeing new things. I also love the history behind the places I visit. You can follow my travels on this website or on Facebook. Come check it out!

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