DebbieDecker_RoomAtTheInn_800pxRoom at the Inn

The quaint Royal Inn isn’t exact a four-star hotel, but it’s where architect Steve Preston had planned to stay – until Dusty Thomas, the charming but ditsy owner, informs him that she can’t find his reservation.  Now there’s no room at the inn, or anywhere else. Unless he doesn’t mind sharing her suite…

Steve can’t refuse Dusty’s hospitality – and his ravishing roomie does inspire sweet dreams. If he can persuade her to pick up the lingerie draped all over the the furniture, they just might get along. And if happy-go-lucky Dusty can persuade her  handsome guest to join her in the hot tub, he just might relax and enjoy himself.

But she doesn’t hold out much hope – until his unexpected kiss convinces her that Steve is ready for anything…

 Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000026_00014]Five Minute Love Stories

Debbie’s short story, Woof, appears in this anthology.

In these busy and hectic times, sometimes you just need a few minutes to relax and escape the world. The Los Angeles Romance Authors (LARA) present 5 MINUTE LOVE STORIES written by some of the shining stars and exciting new voices in Los Angeles.

This anthology of twenty-two short stories explores the many sides of love, featuring love in the traditional sense while several stories show love in broader terms, love of family, love of a pet, and even a super-spicy love story.

Join LARA as we invite you to love…5 minutes at a time.

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